Game Of Thrones Whiskey Tasting Set Ideas

Game Of Thrones Whiskey Tasting Set. 12 x 25ml miniature tasting tubes are housed. 7 single malts uit de collectie koppelen elk een koninkrijk uit de serie aan een schotse distilleerderij.

game of thrones whiskey tasting set
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9 bijzondere scotch single malt whisky’s om het 8e seizoen van deze nu al iconische hbo serie te vieren. A collection of nine scotch whiskies to represent the great houses of westeros and the noble and courageous night’s watch.

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A coveted set to not. Buy game of thrones whiskey set (8 bottles) scotch online from the spirit co.

Game Of Thrones Whiskey Tasting Set

Discover the complete game of thrones whisky collection of all 9 single malt scotch whiskies and the 3 special johnnie walker blended scotch whiskies with this great game of thrones tasting collection.Each from a different distillery and named for a different house or group from the fictional land of westeros.Each of the twelve 25ml miniature tasting tubes are housed in a beautiful presentation box and come with a tasting booklet.Eight different distilleries, paired with the seven great houses of westeros, as well as with the night’s watch.

Game of thrones complete whisky tasting collection 12 tubes in gift box.Game of thrones has partnered with some of the world’s finest scotch brands to bring you the game of thrones whisky collectors set.Game of thrones whisky set:Game of thrones whisky tasting & dinner.

Game of thrones whisky the folks from diageo and the folks from hbo teamed up to create a series of whiskies based on the massively popular tv show game of thrones.Game of thrones’s limited edition single malt scotch whisky collection is launched that includes 9 bottles paying homage to one of the houses of westeros or the night’s watch.Get game of thrones whisky set for $832.99 see buyer reviews and tasting notes.In collaboration with hbo®, diageo is unveiling the new white walker by johnnie walker blended scotch whisky and the game of thrones single malt scotch whisky collection.

Included within the game of thrones single malt scotch whisky collection are the following:Made by a distillery founded by helen cumming in the 1800s, this gentle and delicious elixir is more reminiscent of a spiced rum than a traditional scotch whisky.Martin’s a song of ice and.Most of the whiskies are new vattings, and therefore somewhat.

Now you have the opportunity commemorate aNu verkrijgbaar in gelimiteerde oplage:Released as part of the build up to the show’s final season, this complete 9 bottle game of thrones set is a desirable addition to any whisky collection.Send a raven— scotch has officially entered the realm.

Shipping is available to europe and the usa direct from the uk.Taste the great blended scotch whiskies made by johnnie walker inspired by the game of thrones series:The 3 blended scotch whiskies of the game of thrones by johnnie walker in 1 tasting collection!The bottles are decorated with their respective westeros house crests, while the night’s watch edition arrives in a black bottle.

The collection features tasting samples of all nine single salts, and all three limited edition johnnie walker whiskies that were released in collaboration with the hit tv show.The diageo collaboration matched limited edition single malts with the kingdoms of westeros and the nights watch.The game of thrones whisky collection zeer beperkt verkrijgbaar, bijna overal uitverkocht!There are two types of people:

These whiskies, released as the game of thrones single malt scotch collection, represent some of the more influential houses in the epic fantasy hbo series inspired by george r.r.This complete collectors set is the perfect gift for whisky enthusiasts, fans of the show, or could be the final addition to your game of thrones whisky collection.This includes an expression from the johnnie walker range, and the game of thrones single malts collection, featuring single malts from various distilleries (like oban, lagavulin, dalwhinnie, and more) paired with the houses that appear.This superb tasting set is the perfect gift and offers a unique opportunity to taste the entire game of thrones whisky series.

Those who believe daenerys targaryen deserves to sit on the iron throne, and those who are wrong.Unite westeros once and for all with this set of all nine game of thrones single malt scotch whiskies:Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you must’ve heard of game of thrones, and by now probably also of the collection of game of thrones themed single malt whiskies.We have listed the full collection below;

Whether you live for fire like the mother of dragons, remain loyal like the starks or fight tooth and nail for power like the lannisters, there.Whichever house your allegiance lies with there is something in this set for you.• 12 glass tubes of 25 ml whisky.