The Forest Game Ps4 Review 2021

The Forest Game Ps4 Review. A smart port of a pc cult favourite, the forest on ps4 is simply one of the best survival experiences you will find on a console. Although some will like the jump scares and creepy horror vibe, it’s really the living, breathing world that is the most appealing.

the forest game ps4 review
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Any issues i had with the forest didn’t stop it from becoming the definitive survival experience on console in my eyes, however. As it’s ported from pc, the forest visually does very well for itself, keeping its crisp graphics.

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As the lone survivor of a passenger jet crash, you find yourself in a mysterious forest battling to stay alive against a society of cannibalistic mutants. At its core the forest is a survival horror game and, to stay alive in the harsh open world landscape, you have a wide variety of tools and tactics at your disposal.

The Forest Game Ps4 Review

Experience a living, breathing forest, in which every plant or tree can be chopped down and rocks can be gathered up to build walls and other structures.Forest is a survival horror game where you are the only passenger to live after a plane crash.Go out alone in the dark woods and listen to the wind and the trees swaying back and forth.Horror fans should love this game.

However adding a lot of other elements into this title makes the forest quite the challenging and rewarding game.However, this ps4 version is a great way to enjoy one of our favorite survival games.I don’t really like the dark in video games, especially when the only thing stopping cannibals and mutants eating you alive is the smallest most inefficient axe you have ever seen.I don’t think i’ve ever had a game make the hair on the back of my neck stand up so much.

I got to play this game early absolutely incredible.It has all the survival elements you’d expect, such as gathering materials to construct your base and craft items, to managing.It has amazing graphics, open world.Jan 05, 2014 | pc.

More than five years in the making, the forest is finally ready for playstation fans to brave its brutal horror survival sandbox.The forest is a survival game fright fest.The forest is a survival horror game in a very literal sense.The forest is a very good surviving game, although now some of its mechanics feel a little bit updated.

The forest is drowning in polish and is one of the smartest games of the year pointedly, there are a range of goals to achieve in the forest that exist beyond the orbit of its survival sim beats.The forest makes use of the unity engine, and looks pretty decent, surprisingly good in fact.The game is completely not for those who don’t like visual novels, and people who appreciate the story aspect in a game will enjoy it to the fullest.The landscape is well crafted and the atmosphere that endnight manages to establish is fantastic.

The tension rarely lets up even when you are out gathering resources as a group.The visuals of the game are absolutely stunning.The world of the forest includes a vast underground network of caves and lakes that is both horrifyingly dark and filled with enemies.These creatures feel sharp, predatory, and analytical in a way that many monster designs just never get completely right, and the forest should really be commended for that.

We experienced a number of stunning sunrises that rendered us.We seem to have quite the obsession over the last few years with survival and crafting games and this game is no different.You explore a mysterious forest to find food, shelter and safety but soon have to battle strange cannibalistic people.You play the role of eric, a father who is taking his son on a plane ride when it crashes on an island.

Your son is missing and it seems that you just might be the sole survivor.